The Harvest

The Harvest

3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Bathrooms

Sugar cane takes approx. 14 – 18 months to mature. Once matured it is harvested by chopping down the stems and leaving the roots. The roots left behind would re-sprout and rapidly mature, allowing a second, and sometimes even a third harvest. Once harvested, it must be processed within a few hours to keep it from fermenting and spoiling. Harvest times tended to be in the drier months – January to May. The harvested cane was taken to the factory by truck, rail wagon or on a cart pulled by a donkey. The now “scenic rail” gives a glimpse into the routes.

  • Harvest 1-Ws
  • Harvest 2-Ws

All designs include:

Living Rooms
Dining Room
Car port


Wireless Security System
Furniture & Appliance Packages
Solar Water Heater
Air Condition Units

Area Tabulation:

Porch 189 sq. ft.
Carport 205 sq. ft.
Living Area 1563 sq. ft.
Total Area 1957 sq. ft.

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